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Announcing National Metaverse Day

Each year, on May 14, one of the most transformative technologies in history, the Metaverse, has its own day of recognition. National Metaverse Day will raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of the Metaverse into people’s daily lives.

Although the precise implementation of the “Metaverse” is still in flux, as was the “Internet” during its formative years, the ‘Verse will primarily center around three dimensional virtual worlds that are persistent, parallel to the real world, and that can be shared. Technologies such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and even the Internet of Things will combine to create an all-immersive experience that will take advantage of the best there is to offer in the physical and digital worlds, combined.

National Metaverse Day is part of a series of “Holidays of the Future” that can be celebrated today. The technologies behind these future holidays are featured elements of the upcoming Zombies of Things books.

To learn more about the day, see the Metaverse Day page.

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