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Announcing National Metaverse Day

Each year, on May 14, one of the most transformative technologies in history, the Metaverse, has its own day of recognition. National Metaverse Day will raise awareness and advocate for the adoption of the Metaverse into people’s daily lives. Although the precise implementation of the “Metaverse” is still in flux, as was the “Internet” duringContinue reading “Announcing National Metaverse Day”

Announcing Smart Highway Day

Smart Highway Day is set to occur every year on December 30th in the future. The holiday comes as a part of a series of “holidays of the future” that will highlight the immense changes that are taking place due to technology. The holiday celebrates roads of the future where everything is connected. Imagine simplyContinue reading “Announcing Smart Highway Day”

Announcing Sound Money Day

Sound Money Day is set to occur every year in the future on December 22nd. The holiday comes as a part of a series of “holidays of the future” that should be recognized as technology rapidly transforms society. The holiday celebrates the idea of money being a stable store of value and medium of exchange,Continue reading “Announcing Sound Money Day”

Announcing Digital Twin Day

Twin Day comes each year on December 18th and the day after, December 19th will be a celebration of Digital Twins, known as Digital Twin Day. This technology plays an important role in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, and will enable improvements in engineering, manufacturing and logistics. For more information, seeContinue reading “Announcing Digital Twin Day”

Learning about Deepfakes

As we get ready for the first-ever Deepfake Awareness Day, it is important to learn more about what Deepfakes are. Enabled by Artificial Intelligence, Deepfakes are video, images, or voice that appear to come from a real person. The media is synthetic, where the image or voice of the person being faked is artificially createdContinue reading “Learning about Deepfakes”

The Worst Cities to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Since the Zombies of Things series is set in Florida, destined to be the most important State by 2045, it’s worth reviewing that Tampa is rated as the 2nd worst city for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. See: Growth on the Southeast coast might challenge that designation as time goes on. Could Palm Beach County beContinue reading “The Worst Cities to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”