Announcing UBI Day

UBI Day, or Universal Basic Income Day, is set to occur every year in the future on January 13th. The holiday comes as a part of a series of “holidays of the future” that will highlight the immense changes that are taking place due to technology. UBI Day celebrates the unconditional provision of periodic paymentsContinue reading “Announcing UBI Day”

Digital Twin Day December 19

Announcing Digital Twin Day

Twin Day comes each year on December 18th and the day after, December 19th will be a celebration of Digital Twins, known as Digital Twin Day. This technology plays an important role in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0, and will enable improvements in engineering, manufacturing and logistics. For more information, seeContinue reading “Announcing Digital Twin Day”

New Logo and Look

The site has a new cover graphic, using an image from Jay Ross on Pixabay. There were lots of great VR images on Pixabay, but this one shows the user fully absorbed in the technology. In the time period the books are set in, 25 years from now, many people will be engaged with theirContinue reading “New Logo and Look”

Learning about Deepfakes

As we get ready for the first-ever Deepfake Awareness Day, it is important to learn more about what Deepfakes are. Enabled by Artificial Intelligence, Deepfakes are video, images, or voice that appear to come from a real person. The media is synthetic, where the image or voice of the person being faked is artificially createdContinue reading “Learning about Deepfakes”

Hello (Future) World

“Hello World” is the standard phrase used to test and acknowledge something new in the digital world. It’s a bit more meaningful in the context of Zombies of Things, which explores the world 25 years into the future.

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