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National Blockchain Day

August 2 National Blockchain Day

No technology promises to upend the existing order than blockchain, the biggest innovation of the 21st century thus far. The simplest way to describe a blockchain is as a distributed ledger or database. Units of data are stored in blocks, and using the magic of cryptography, are stored in a ledger that cannot be altered after each transaction is posted. The data in the ledger can represent physical or digital assets, with Bitcoin being the most famous to date.
With its origins in 1991, there are many significant dates and milestones associated with the adoption of blockchain technology. In 2008, an anonymous and mysterious technologist, Satoshi Nakamoto, published his whitepaper titled “Bitcoin: Peer-to-Peer E-cash system.” In 2009, the first block, known as the genesis block, was mined. August 2nd (08-02), is a play on encryption by scrambling 2008, the year Nakamoto published his whitepaper. National Blockchain Day will be celebrated each year on the 2nd of August.
(Note that many people think that Bitcoin and blockchain are synonyms, but blockchain is one of several technologies that underpins Bitcoin and other crypto assets.)

Use Cases for Blockchain

Cryptocurrency / Decentralized Finance
Banking Transactions
Real Estate
Smart Contracts
Gaming NFT’s
Supply Chain Management
Uncensorable Websites

How to Celebrate Blockchain Day

National Blockchain Day is the perfect opportunity to learn more about encryption and distributed ledgers. Each year, make note of the way the number of use cases for blockchain has grown. Explore opportunities to mine for crypto assets and consider using the day to learn about how to make your own NFT. This day is a good day to review which of your elected representatives support the growth of blockchain versus those that want to restrict or eliminate it.
Lastly, use the hashtags #BlockchainDay or #NationalBlockchainDay on social media to promote and celebrate this transformative technology.


A Concise History of Blockchain Technology
What is blockchain technology?

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