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Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an idea whose time has come, now that society is at the onset of a new age of robotics and Artificial Intelligence. The concept of a “jobless future,” where traditional working class jobs disappear, necessitates solutions that offer financial security and financial freedom to those directly impacted by labor replacing technologies. UBI Day celebrates the most important solution to this problem every January 13th.

Labor replacing devices have existed all throughout human history, as the desire to be more efficient is universal. The ability of such devices to think, reason, and act autonomously, however, is radically beyond what is offered by the most recent generation of factory robots that work alongside and augment the remaining human workers. Entire factories will operate with the lights out, taking inputs and deciding the best outputs without human involvement or presence. A system of distributed income, which may also be referred to as “Unconditional Basic Income,” is necessary to deal with the evaporation of job opportunities.

UBI, though, goes beyond compensating for catastrophe. Imagine a future where each individual has the chance to maximize their personal potential, not weighed down by the drudgery of 3D jobs (“3D” refers to jobs that are “dirty, dangerous, and dull”). Artists, for example, will be liberated to express their passions through their work, producing NFT’s and bringing immense value to the new digital economy.


UBI Day will be celebrated every January 13th.

How to Celebrate

Hopefully, people won’t wait until the 2040’s to celebrate their receiving of UBI. The goal of UBI Day is, initially, to advocate for its introduction and later, where it has been introduced, advocate for it remaining adequate over time. Take the day to learn more about the societal transformations that necessitate this socio-political change. Also, advocate for legislation that will bring about UBI nationwide. Contact your representatives at all levels of government, since UBI can be implemented by any authority with the power to tax those who can afford to contribute their fair share. Lastly, use the hashtag #UBIDay on social media to promote and celebrate this basic human right.


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